Top 5 Business Manager App for Communication

Top 5 Business Manager App for Communication

As a manager, communication is part and parcel of a successfully ran organization. You will need to communicate with employees, clients, advocates, and other stakeholders. With the evolvement in technology, managers are required to use evolved modes of communications, which are not only fast but efficient.

The following are top communication apps that business managers should consider:


Looking for an app where your business affiliates, family, and circles can update their contact information in your address book? Use addappt app. According to the app’s developers, addappt additionally enhances your social network to sustain itself. Another advantage is that both Ios and Android users can group contacts and send messages through this app for free.


Fuze should be your first priority videoconferencing app. Through this app, you can host online meetings for all operating systems and gadgets such as tablets and ipads. Fuze is a user friendly app since it is easy to set up and provides crisp audio and high-quality video. A 30 day free Fuze test is allowed to customers before they purchase it. Once they are satisfied that the app is good, they can then purchase it.


Mailbox targets to put email in its position. It is an award winning app, free and works on Android and Mac OS X, iPhone and ipad. The app enhances arrangement of messages, marking of read mail and hang-up reading of emails until some other time. A firm known as dropbox took a step of purchasing mailbox in 2013. This led to a wide and continuous expansion of the firm. This app supports several email accounts which include; Yahoo, Gmail,, and


This app is appropriate for people with several phones or devices. It helps organize messages from all your devices in one particular space. Push messages are sent any smartphone. The messages are then placed in one unified inbox through the app’s system. Pushover is appropriate for a well-connected small business owner since it enables one to send 7500 messages each month. The app goes for $4.99 and has a seven day unpaid trial before purchase. The app can be installed in iPhone, Apple Watch, Android, iPad, and all desktops.


Despite several competitors trying to knock off Skype, it still remains to be the most popular videoconferencing app. Skype is a great communication tool for a firm. It enables one to be connected colleagues or overseas business partners and pass information face to face. Additionally, this app enables sharing of any size of files and photos. Through the help of Skype, one can send text messages and call a group of a maximum of 25 people. Note that the app’s basic version is free. One can also make free video calls for free. However, a fee is charged for international calls taking into consideration of where you live. It is therefore advisable for you to clarify the prices. The best thing is that this app works on all operating systems and devices unlike other apps.

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