The 5 Best Multitasking and Shortcut Apps for Android

The 5 Best Multitasking and Shortcut Apps for Android

Many shortcut apps have been rendered useless with the implementation of the recent apps menu in Android 5.0 Lollipop. The ability to switch from any previously accessed app or menu was one way in which navigation was made easier. A question arises, “Is this the only way to speed up one’s workflow?” Best Android productivity apps and Best Android apps 2016 are the best app shortcuts and task-switchers for your Android device.

1- Omni Swipe – Best All-Rounder

Here are some of the features making Omni Swipe awesome. First is its robust design which has a rotating wheel acting as the center-point for all its interactions

Secondly, the inward swipe from the right to left of the screen, you can interact with the fan-shaped Omni Swipe toolbar. Navigation is thus made easy as you can access recent places, setting toggles, favorite apps, etc.

Download Omni Swipe 

2- Shortcuts – Best Notification Shade Add-On

The shortcuts is indeed simple to use. To enable it all you need is to open the app, tick the apps that you wish to make shortcuts.
Pulling down the notification shade while going on with such activities such as watching a video or even playing game helps you find your favorite apps. Also, the choice to use notification shade shortcuts comes as a standard on the Android.

Download Shortcuts

3- Power Toggles – Best for Custom Settings Toggles

This is a free app which gives the user better setting toggles while making them easier to access.

Download Power Toggles

4- Swipeup Utility – Best Home Button Modifier

Swipeup Utility is used to reconfigure what the Home button does. Also, the Swipeup Utility enables one to swipe up enabling launching of an app or even going straight to a contact.

Download Swipeup Utility

5- EAS: Easy app switcher – Best Two-Way App Switcher

EAS is a shortcut app which lets one to swap between the two last visited places or apps. Besides, it acts as a favorites bar.

Download EAS

and 6th: If by IFTTT

If by IFTTT, offer some kind of a dedicated shortcut although it is used to speed up your workflow when using it. IFTTT is an abbreviation of “if this then that.” This is how the app works; create a list of commands using the mentioned formula. A good example will be a situation when one wants to create a statement like this, “Whenever I change my Facebook profile picture, then change my Flickr picture too.” After configuration then automation of the process occurs.

Download If by IFTTT

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