Best 3 Football Manager Games for Android

Best 3 Football Manager Games for Android

When football enthusiasts and gamers hear anything very close to football, FIFA is the first word that comes to the mind. Year by year, it is laying down new standards as far as the world of virtual football games are concerned. There are many Football Manager Games for Android out there that will allow soccer fans to show the players how do their job well, make changes as a manager or coach if a player is not performing to expectations, and lots more.

Here are 3 Football Managers Games for Android that will make you play some of these roles.

Total Football Manager

Total Football Manager

This Football Manager game has licensed players from more than 40 countries across the world. You will be on the way to enjoy different football tactics when you build your own club. Total Football Manager Game is free to play although it also offers in-app purchases. If you so desire, you can access the game from your computer. The game provides many customizations and you can confront players from across the world to test your manager skills. It is a decent experience for people seeking a soccer football manager, despite the fact that it still needs a number of polishing.

Football Manager Handheld

f Manager

Football Manager Handled is a kind of game that tries your managerial skills instead of kicks and goals. You work as a manager of a team in the game and you are required to manage off the pitch issues such as tactics, training, transfers, and lots more. Football Manager Handled is similar to the a real world simulation game that you are required to work as a Football club manager and make that particular club one of the outstanding team by the time the season will end.

You can always select leagues from 14+ countries and all the data is updated all the time. You can play Football Manager Handled game on nearly all the android gadgets and doesn’t take a lot of memory card.

PES Manager

pes Manager

PES Manager is actually Konami game. It is one of the most popular Football Manager Games for Android and it provides much content and lots of fun. The game is free to play although it has in-app purchases.

PES Manager Game includes more than 1,500 real life players like player badges in the game. Players could be won in the game through an assortment of contests. Build up players and watch them play 3D matches on your Android gadget.

PES Manager is well-matched with ARM-based gadgets only and it needs your gadget to have a minimum of 1GB of RAM to play it.

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