Football Manager 2016 Review

Football Manager 2016 Review

Football Manager 2016 (FM16) is the most realistic, in-depth and immersive football manager simulation video game that was invented by Sports Interactive and made public by Sega. With Football Manager 2016, you will take absolute control of actual football clubs from 137 different top leagues, and also manage and make transfers from a database of more than 400,000 staff and real players. Furthermore, you will be in charge of giving players instructions, tactics, and training and also follow your live, making use of the best 3D match engine.

Football Manager 2016 was unveiled on November 13, 2015 on OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux. With this development, it is now possible for players to customize the looks of their manager right on the pitch.

Football Manager 2016 Features

  • Create-A-Club – is a new feature that allows players to make their own clubs with logos, kits, transfer budget and stadium.
  • Fantasy Draft mode – allows several players to play together, and also draft players based on a fixed budget. Players can customize these features.
  • ProZone Match Analysis – Gives analysis of all the matches
  • Revamped Competition Layout – lets you see how players are doing for your teams an all over the world
  • Multi-Match Highlights – allows you to keep track of each team, rather than concentrating on your own team only.
  • Realistic Injuries/Treatments – Makes sure that injuries that are determined in the game are more realistic, and treated in a realistic manner by physiotherapists


  • Profound, exact player data
  • Cross-save functionality makes a lot of sense
  • Fun challenge modes


  • Contains a lot of irritating bugs
  •  Harassment for IAP is too much

Football Manager 2016 Review

Football Manager 2016 is the ideal game for people who just don’t have a sufficient amount of time to play the full game all the time. This Football Manager comes with new features that will give you the fun you have been waiting for. All the player data and acquaintance is still there with many visual tweaks that made Football Manager 2016 incomparable are also included.

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